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My name is Richard L. Power.  I am the sole owner of Power Auto Sales.  I started this business primarily because of my interest in automobiles and working with people.  Throughout my adult life I have purchased and sold many vehicles for myself and friends. 


I worked as a pharmacist until I decided to retire.  That is when I officially started Power Auto Sales which will allow me to work with cars and people.  In serving people for all these years, as a pharmacist, I have determined that the basic principles of character and honesty are two important cornerstones of life.  And that is what I will bring to Power Auto Sales.


While I have always enjoyed high end cars, I also value the entire line of cars and trucks that represents all that is good in the automobile manufacturing business.  Those that have good track records for dependability, economy, and durability are those that I will strive to find and offer to my buyers.  While used cars are never perfect, I will only buy cars that provide the dependability, economy and durability that I believe represents good value to the consumer and those that have not been abused.


As all of us are aware, there are many cars out there offered for sale.  I hope to offer a difference in that I will buy less than 1 out of 20 cars I see.  I try to screen them from those that may have problems such as smokers car, water damage, major wrecks and repairs, transmission problems, and a host of other possible situations.  This has to be done before I buy or offer them for sale.


My promise to you is, that although no used car is perfect, I will strive to only offer the best cars possible for your buying consideration.  While most people do not like the car buying experience, I want you to know that I will never pressure you or give you self serving advice in order to make a sale.



Richard L.Power